L O V E * P O T I O N

$ 32.00

Brand: KVossNYC

Glycerin / Avocado Oil / Almond Oil / Vitamin E

Multiple uses: *Personal Lubricant *Massage Oil *Lady Bits Lotion *Makeup Remover *Shaving Oil

Shake vigorously before using.

Love Potion offers you discretion which, unlike most other products of this type, will draw no attention to themselves through disturbing smell, taste, or color.  This lubricant facilitates your pleasure, without masking your skin and senses. 

Designed to promote new tissue formation and slow free radical damage this all-in-one product is excellent for removing makeup, shaving your legs, and even as a hair mask!

Key Benefits

As a personal lubricant and massage oil:

*Skin nourishing and moisturizing 

*Beneficial for skin, so no need to wash off


*Chemical and preservative free

As a lady bits lotion:

*Created with the finest quality organic plant oils

*Softens the delicate skin in that area almost erasing the possibility of an ingrown hair

*Delivers softening and supple results upon application