M a g i K * K A N D L E

$ 17.99

Brand: KVossNYC

MagiK Kandle: Light it and let the MagiK begin!

Living in a bustling city with 24-hour everything, we feel like most lights we see are neon or fluorescent. Transport your home with these kandle's that give any room a gentle glow.

KVossNYC keeps the ingredients simple: domestically grown soy wax, essential oils for fragrance, and cotton-core wicks.

The kandles are hand-poured into an apothecary-inspired clear glass jar, finished with a utilitarian label and twist-on gold lid. Burns clean for more than 40 hours.

AND as a special feature to tie it in to our skincare line, after burning the candle you can use the wax as a paraffin treatment on your hands! 

    Or pick from one of the fun M A D O N N A *Limited Editions. They are also hand poured and made from soy wax.

    *1, *2, and *3 are all 9oz.

    *4 is double sized and is 18oz.