About K.Voss


With so many skincare products available today hyped by overwhelming marketing and exaggerated ingredients, consumers are left wondering if any of them actually helps one feel cared for or really works. 

It seems a return to basics is in order.                    

When I asked myself what contribution could possibly be made to an already overly saturated market: the phrase “all you need is love”, kept ringing in my ears. For me, love is tied very tightly to skincare. I grew up with a mom who told me every day that I was smart, wonderful and more loved than anything in the world. Diagnosed with skin cancer when I was a child, she made sure that I always protected and cared for my skin. I took comfort in that love and felt nurtured and special. 

So I consider what I would teach my own daughter about life: love yourself, trust what is simple, and respect the wholesomeness of nature and the world around you. My products reflect this mantra. They are made from simple ingredients, contain a natural SPF, and are made of only 100% wholesome ingredients that are found in nature. They do not create a new you. They reveal the beauty and radiance that had always been you.

It's that simple.